Friday, April 3, 2009

Why oh Why did the TRUTH hava come out now~ Mama's heart breaks!

On Friday, Alexis came home from school and said her teacher gave her an Easter basket but tried to say the Easter bunny came early but Alexis said I do not think he did Mommy I think it was Mrs. C who did the basket. Then she went, "Hey Mommy have you been the ones hiding my baskets not the Easter bunny!" And then the eyes, were looking right at me, so I told her the truth, I told her yes I have been but because it was a tradition of the story of the Easter Bunny and all parents do it. She then had to say, you are Santa too then because you are the tooth Fairy as well. At this point I wanted bang my head against the wall because MY fun was now over. :cry:. But she started to get upset and said, are you Santa too? Does that mean Santa does not exist?!? At that point, I told her yes I took over his role as Santa because at one time he did live. But to carry on his spirit all parents all over the world still give their children presents as Santa etc...And Alexis goes and that makes him happy right? I go yes it does sweetie. So that made her happy lol. But now she thinks the Easter Bunny also became old and died so that is why we parents had to carry on his job too. ;) And if that makes her happy I am too. But man why did she have to know the "truth" at age 6 lol. I did not know all this until at 8 yrs old. I told her she got me beat by 2 yrs lol. (She did not know what I meant though).


Nyoka said...

we don't celebrate the traditional christmas as most ppl do but I've always told my kids that Santa lives in the hearts of everyone who loves you. They know the story of Kris Kringle, the 'St. Nick', of old Holland and of the kids' presents being left in their shoes each year.