Thursday, March 27, 2008

GoodBye Kindergarten Artwork

Well today I told Alexis it was time to clean out her box full of Kindergarten Artwork since it was literly overfilling and her Artwork was being squished. So instead of just throwing some of her artwork away and making it harder for both of us I decided to take a picture of all the artwork she decided to say "goodbye" too as a keepsake/memory for us. And I could not believe all what she did decide to throw away but we still have a lot she wanted to keep. But I figured down the road we will do this again. ;)
But anyhow, here is a slideshow of all the artwork we said "bye bye" too.

The link:¤t=ac2a53b0.pbw

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What a Busy Easter we had!

I hope everyone had a Happy Eastter. Alexis and I had a busy one but a fantastic one.
We got to visit family on both sides of the family and that was pretty special. Here is Alexis with her goodies from her Mommy, Daddy and from the Easter Bunny:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play Tiime!

Alexis had some playmates over today (PCA'S great-nieces came over with her). They all had a blast. They played dress up and colored and put up make-up and at the end did "Pocket of Rosies we all fall down!" I was happy Alexis had fun since Alexis does not did get many playmates over or have friends to play with her these days. :( These playmates ages from age 4-9.

You couldn't tell they did not have fun could you? Plus the clothes you see on those kids I gave to Diane (for those kids because they no longer fit Alexis-hard to imagine they fit little girls ages 4-9!!! and Alexis is only 5 yrs old!

Kitties had an Early Easter Surprise

Alexis wanted to give our Kitties their early Easter gifts today and here is what they thought of them:

My baby has her first loose tooth!

My mom told me yesterday when she was still at their house that Alexis has a loose tooth in the front and I was a bit sad because I was not there for the special moment but was hoping it will stay loose for awhile like usual so the tooth fairy can come here. And that is when my Mom told me this is what Alexis told her: "Grandma, I don't think I want any apples today." LOL I thought that was too cute! And yes she came home today still with a loose tooth! :)

I been slacking again :(

I been not updating you all on my life and I apologize...I guess nothing really huge has been going on other than my Personal care attentant quit on me on Valentine's day due to the fact she was tired of me accusing of her kids doing bad things and I later find out she was just burned out and needed "a vacation" lol. Her job was just to some minor housework and the the rest of the time she sat on her butt watching tv and talked BS with me...some hard job huh? Oh well, the day after President's Day I got myself another "PCA" and I tell you she is totally the opposite of my other...she can't sit still and is soooo organized it even makes ME sick LOL. She tires me out, I swear. She does have her quirks too but that is for another post. Also, since January I have not been getting no Child support thanks to my ex...he lost his job at the end of December of last year. He had informed me though he did get another job in mid January and it should only take 5 weeks before I should see another check but I have not yet! I have notified Domestic Relations about this and they said they are on it so who knows? But on a happier note Welfare is on my side and I am temporarily on cash assistance for Alexis and in the middle of getting Section 8. Plus my utility bills have reduced my bills because of my income change.

Despite all this Alexis and I are doing great!

My Lil' Easter Bunny

We went to the Millcreek Kiwanis Easter Bunny Brunch last Sunday and they served Pancakes plus they had fun activities for the kids to do and a chinese auction. It was a fun morning/Afternoon and a good cause too.

Here is my lil bunny:

Look at my Prom Princess!

Alexis is wearing Grandma's Prom dress (3-15-08)

My three babies taken 3-08