Monday, September 10, 2007

Kittens at 7 weeks and 8 weeks!

Angel Prince 8 weeks ago!

Miracle 8 weeks ago!

Hard to believe these kittens are 7 weeks here...then below 8 weeks! I helped these kittens be born, their mama gave birth to them here at my home. The mama cat is a friend of mine's who I was sitting for at the time. These two kittens are survivors out of 6. The other 4 did not make it due to the fact they were still stuck to the after birth of the mother cat and we had no clue until it was too late. The kitten on the left lost her back paw because it, but it was either her paw or her life. That is why my friend calls her "Miracle", which is her kitten. The kitten on the right of course is our kitten given by the friend, named "Angel Prince" just because he must be an angel to have gone thro everything he had. He ended up having a belly button scar for the same reason.

Kittens at 7 weeks old

Kittens at 8 weeks WOW!

Miracle and Alexis

Angel Prince and Lexie
Angel Prince


My Swimmer!

My Swimmer!
We went swimming at our friends' pool probably for the last time for the summer season and WOW my baby became a big girl this time and wanted to swim without floaties (they had a 3ft deep area). And she finally swam and kicked some water along. She was thrilled so was mommy. She still has some practice to do yet before I or even her will go beyond the 3ft part but who knows maybe we can work on that next year. ;)

A video of my baby swimming! Excuse the conversation(s) LOL


My Kindergartner

My Baby is now officially a kindergartner- She has completed her first 2 weeks of Kindergarten and loves it!

Monday, September 3, 2007

This is me: MAMA WITH TUDE!

This is My Daughter Alexis:

Sadie our Cat:

Ella the Beta Fish:

Angel Price:

My Family :)