Saturday, October 18, 2008

POTD: Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

As I stay awake
Are my thoughts are fake
The hurt is still there
And hard to bare
As I wonder why
My trust in one must die
Lying in bed, awake with lights
Having sleepless nights

Written: 10/18/08

Thursday, October 16, 2008

POTD: Just Tired

Just Tired...

Tired of being unhappy
Tired of feeling crappy
Tired of wanting more
Tired of not being adored
Tired of others not caring
Tired of being daring
Tired of everything
Just Tired

Written: 10/16/08

Too tired

I tired to think of a poem of the day for today/tonight but I was just too tired to come up with anything creative so I will have to try again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

POTD: Love Me For Who I Am...

Love me for who I am

Love me for who I am,
Not what I am
Look deep into my eyes
And you will see
I am no different
Than you
So please love me
For who I am

Written: 10/12/08

Poem of the day: 10/12/08

Please tell me what you will gain

Tell me what you will gain
From my pain?
You may think it a main
goal to see me in pain
That is so lame
What are you gonna gain?
It is not gonna be fame
So why give me the pain
Please tell me what you will gain

By: Dorine on October 12, 2008

Reason for this poem is the fact I am tired of people acting like I do not have feelings or think because I am in a wheelchair I do not have a head on my shoulders. I am just tired of being "robbed" in so many ways and just want to be respected, is that hard? If I want to get on a bus do not tell me it is too full and I have wait until the next one and please do not tell me off or get pissy with me if you have to get off your lazy A$$ to move to the back of the bus to make more room for little ole me. :P

Poetry for 2007

A Heart of A Child (2007)

A child's heart is all what a Mother needs
The Love that a child gives helps the Mother breath
The eyes of happiness of a child has brought a good deed
The warmth of a child's hug brings joy into a Mother's life
The words "I love you Mom" will never stop the Mother being there
A Heart of a Child

Shattered Heart (2007)

Love someone with your whole heart,
Then have to let them go suddenly,
The heart shatters in pieces,

See death and there is nothing that can be done,
Other than try to make peace,
The heart shatters in pieces,

Now all alone in life, no one to love,
All things crashing down at once,
Your Heart shatters in pieces

My Poetry 2000-05

I have decided to share some of my old poetry with you and will try to continue to add more current poetry to my blog as I write them. I hope you enjoy them as much I have written them. Now, these few here that I have done WERE for my ex-husband at the time but since the poems are still pretty good (in my opinion) I still wanted to share them LOL.

Unemployed Disabled Person (2006)
I am a disabled person that is looking for a job...
that will let me use my knowlege.
that will not look at my disability
that will see how motivated I am.
that will be able to help me support my family.
that will not judge my speed.
Isn't it true that the slow and the steady win the race
or was that only a fairy tale?
I hope one day I get a job.
I am tired of being an unemployed disabled person

The Flight (2002)

Dedicated to my husband, the one who helped me slow down my 'Flight'.

As I close my eyes
I see my life flash before them
So fast I can barely keep up
Am I dreaming?
Or is my life rapidly moving
When things become clear
There is fear
I am in a flight
I am looking down as my life is passing by
What can I do?
I focus and I slow down my flight and realize
My life isn't so bad
The flight showed me that I have a life and that I should be grateful
I suddenly open my eyes and found myself grounded

My Love you are My Dove (2002)

Dedicated to my husband, My Dove.

My Love you are My Dove
What we have is more just a fling
You take me under your wing
To protect and give me peace
As you hold me, I am at ease
When I look into your eyes I see love
Which makes me smile like a mile
My Love you are are My Dove

Is it fate? (2000)

Dedicated to my Husband, I love you my soulmate.

Is it fate?
That I met you
Are you my soulmate?
Is it fate?
That we found each other
Are we meant to be?
Is it fate?
That we are in love
Are we that perfect couple?
Is it fate?
That you said "Yes"
Are we able to become family?
Is it fate?
That we are now wedded
Are we forever?
Is it fate?

Dear God (2001)
Dedicated for those who we lost and the survivors of the 911 terrorist attacks

My Dear God,
Please watch over my fellow Brothers and Sisters
Who are suffering from a lot of pain
Give them strength to go on and survive,
Give them courage to smile and to deal with their tragedy
God do not let your Children give up their faith and give up on you.