Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One word that has been heavy on my mind lately...

The word that has been on mind lately is Burden . Why you ask? Because it has been a word I been hearing most of my life or to know to be. Let me explain a little, my parents have done wonderful things for me and have taken me places. But there are times when I do need something or would like to go some where but I will either get this answer: You know you can be a burden and it is hard on us to take you "everywhere" or You realize you are a burden right so it is hard on us to do everything you want...

Or worst yet, they may not have to say a word but yet make me feel like a burden by their actions (and this could be anyone in general no one in particular). I hate the word "burden" and even worse knowing that I am a burden to ANYONE. That is why I refuse to use the word on anyone or say to my daughter she is a burden to me because she is not. She may be a lot of things to me, but a burden is not one of them.
Here is a link of what "Burden" means: