Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alexis is doing a Mathathon fundraiser for St Jude's Children hospital

Alexis' school is part of the St Jude's Mathathon and Alexis wanted to be a part of it.

For every math problem the child gets right monies will go towards the St Jude's hospital for Children...Sponsors can pay $.10 per correct answer or a flat amount....Alexis was pretty excited about doing it more for the cause than the prizes she would get based on how much she raises for the hospital.

I did something similar for St Jude's in grade school but it was a trivia marathon. ;)

Here is her website if your interested:

And here is more info on the Mathathon:

If you want to sponsor her and have more questions just comment here and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

NKOTB is coming to Erie!!!

My heart is broken....the tickets just went on sale today at 10AM for the show for March 22 and I just called about them around 2pm. Well just say all the floor seats are already sold out! In fact they were within 10 minutes of the sale! And well, since I need to take my electric wheelchair with me that only leaves the disabled platform section they have on the top area. Which is on the side of the arena by where the normally keep the speakers too. So, yes we will be able to hear them just fine but seeing them may be an issue. :( (I been to other events and concerts before and was not that pleased about the view). Also, it is on a Sunday at 7pm, a school night and a work night, so not sure if it would be fair for my parents to watch Alexis until I get back AND public transits stop working at 6pm on Sundays so I have no idea how I get home unless I take a disabled cab home as well (which we only have one available if working). ACK!

So I do not know what to do?!?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Alexis- My Smarty Pants comes home with 2 awards & honor roll report card

Alexis came home today and had a big smile on her face....
She said Mommy I got two awards today...
I go you did? What for? What did they say?
She said she did not know but they were just awards....
I asked to see them...

The awards were for having Perfect Attendance (again) for second quarter and
for having a Honors report card (again) for second quarter!

I got excited for her and hugged her for earning such awards and she goes Mom they are just "awards on paper" that is all, I did not get no prize or anything and she sounded disappointed like she deserved more lol (They had an assembly today and they announced everyone's names who had those "awards").

Then she showed me her fantastic report card and from what I saw she did get all As and mostly all 2s (which means she is at the standards they expect for her grade) And a couple #1s (which exceeds what they expect for that grade). So she made me very proud mama today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Snow Go Away & Come Another SEASON!

I am seriously tired of all this snow we have been having along with the one digit temps we been having along with it! We been having single digits and wind chills below zero. Just say I am ready for SPRING now. And believe me I am counting the days when it gets here.

The Day Has Come...

We now have a new President....
even though I did not vote for him nor was satisfied with any of his candidates that he ran against I hope and pray that he can change things for us...for the better...and make our Country heal its wounds once again and eventually get all our troops back home again...
God Bless Our New President, Our Country, Our Troops and most of all US!
Here is a video of the song in honor of his inauguration day...
Called "America's Song"
featuring, David Foster, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Seal and Bono

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Year's Resolutions...

Well I made two this year....
One is try to save up or save more money aside somehow more than I did last year...rather I do it in the bank or at home somewhere...just to have it for emergencies.

And my other Resolution is to maintain my health and stay as healthy as possible weather that means exercise more, visit my dr more often for my annual physical and/or take my vitamins and basically do all healthier things that soon to be 35 yr olds should be doing.

Hopefully I can look back at this post and said I did these things...

A New Year....a new look...

Well I decided to give my blog a new look since it is a new year now...
This background fits exactly what my blog is about so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do even though I can't get no credit for it...I got it through and they have great templates there!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Alexis and theTruth about the Tooth Fairy...

Alexis came home with yet another tooth necklace around her neck. LOL Which would be tooth #5 gone. And it still looks like she has 2 teeth missing (well now 3).

Her first 2 teeth came in fast(her bottom). I believe but her 2 top front teeth are taking forever to grow in-she lost those teeth like in September. I can't remember how long teeth take to grow in as a rule....

But anyways the truth came out today....

I guess I can't help it that I have a smart girl on my hands.

Here is our story:
Me to Alexis: Well did the Tooth fairy come?
Alexis: Oh I forgot to look!
She goes to look lol
She comes back and says...
Alexis: Yeah she came...gave me a $1 but forgot my tooth
Me: She did? (in a puzzled voice) (because I knew "I" knew I grabbed a tooth lol)
Alexis: Yep maybe she dropped it back in my pillow (she has a tooth pillow)
Me: Maybe she did drop it
Alexis: That is what I said...HEY are YOU the one who been giving me the money and taking my teeth?
Me: cant remember what i said
Alexis: Oh well she well get it tonight

At this point I tried to come with excuses but I realized she was looking right into my eyes at this point and I just could not "lie" to her no more
so I told her she was to smart for me and explained to her that yes I been the "one" and she started to cry and say you mean there is no tooth fairy at all? That is when I told her I would not want her to ever stop "believing" and then she asked me why I lied to her like that in the first place? I told her it was not necessarily a lie but more of a tradition a parent passes on...and explained to her I believed in the tooth did her grandma etc...she felt better after that. And I told she will hopefully pass this tradition on to her kids and for now she said "no I won't" LOL. But one good thing she is happy about is the fact she will still get money when she looses a tooth even though she feels bad it is my money (she asked but can you afford it mommy? :(-gotta love her)

Oh as for the mystery tooth: we think her tooth fell a part or something because I did grab it or part of it at least

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Alexis made me laugh Yesterday...even though she thought it was NOT funny! LOL

Yesterday we were making some sugar cookies and well my PCA also allowed us to borrow her toaster oven to bake them...we also tried out her Easy-Bake Oven for two cookies but anyhow Kym (the PCA) and Alexis were sharing a chair while waiting for the cookies to bake...
Kym at one point decided to move the chair over to sit down in it and all of the sudden we heard a big boom-plop! lmao
Alexis went to sit down on the chair too and/or on her lap but did not realize she moved lol She started to cry because was scared, because it was such a shock. I started to lmao my butt off because the face she gave was priceless and it did NOT help the fact Kym was laughing as hard as I was....but the harder we lmao though the harder Alexis started to scream and cry...she got angry we were laughing at her suspense and/or her getting hurt but we knew she was just fine. ;) lol We tried to explain to her that it happens to everyone, missing the seat somehow or another lol She is somewhat getting over it now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Alexis learns more about where babies come from...

A funny story that I thought I share with you and also be able keep for memoriies:

We were watching Narnia and WELL a woman was giving birth to a baby with her legs spread a part (but could not see nothing else) but Alexis pretty much said she is not having her baby like you mommy in a puzzled voice (I had a c-section so she was told I had her through my tummy lol). I went, not thinking, "no hunny she is having hers between her legs..." and her response was PRICELESS "ewwww like she is pooping out the baby?!? I go yep laughing! And she goes, I hope I don't have a baby like that, I want one like you did mommy!

Gawd I love her. I told her This is something you don't really talk about in school, she goes, no way eeew. lol