Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter with Da Fam...

Alexis colored some eggs before we went to visit da family for Easter:

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with my Dad's side of the family and well we got to see some family we had not seen or got to seen since summer. It felt good and nice to see them. What made it special was my younger cousins who are in their younger 20s even included Alexis in stuff like playing some board games and such because she was the ONLY "kid" there. The only thing was when she felt she was loosing or no one was was letting her win, they would "let her win" once in awhile on purpose lol. I enjoyed it too because I got to bond with my young cousins again and it caught up with their lives. And what was cool about this day too is the fact, my Aunt makes her own chocolate and it is so yummy and she gave everyone their own "baggy" of chocolates as a gift. And all I can say is YUMMY!