Friday, April 17, 2009

Muscus Go Away And Come Another Century...

I am so tired of blow my nose and getting this gunk out of my nose! I even tried to call mt Dr. this AM to make some arrangements but they did not work out like I hoped. They think all I need is Muninex no antibiotics and what I have is viral but if I want to come in to make sure. So I asked to see my Dr on Monday instead, well my Dr. has a same day call rule so at first the receptionist nurse told me to call back on Monday AM to reshedule an appointment, I then had to explain to her I have to use a disabled transit that requires me to tell them 24 hrs adavance where I need to go. So she understood and gave me a 2:30pm Appt. Only oned problem I realized after 5pm that Alexis has a 3PM dentist appointment on Monday too. I am so mad at myself that I forgot that and would put two appointments together like that. So, now it looks like if I am still sick I won't get to see my Dr until Tuesday now if I am lucky. So I did take some Muninex to help me but I am still tired of it!