Friday, April 24, 2009

Life can throw you off...

Even these past two days nothing real exciting has happened to me. Certain events or thoughts in my head have been making me think about my life and life in general and just wonder why life is what it is. It can be so confusing. Like how would it be possible to fall in love with someone online that you only know for few weeks? Or the fact, you think you care about them so much you want to meet them so much but currently they are basically across the world from you and if they wanted too they can not even meet you just yet. How is it that this person is saying everything so right, you are so scared they are so wrong for you? Or they are not for real?

Then you get to babysit for a friend, you get her 6 yr old and her 11 month old. The 6 yr old is fine with my daughter, except a few little disagreements but nothing we can work out. But now the 11 month old is a different story lol. As soon as mom leaves, he screams and cries for her. Yes he is a mama's boy and yes she knows it. I feel bad for her because she has told me she is at lost in what to do about this issue as well. But man oh man, this lil guy did not stop crying from the time she left from the time she came back. And she left about 6:30P.M. and she got back around 10P.M. The ONLY time he did stop crying was when he took a 20 minute nap lol. Talk about life throwing you off, poor guy. (And Heather if you ever read this post this is not complaint lol just an insightful point about life lol). You would think he was dying without her but nope he was fine and he did went on without mama. :)

I just hope for my sake, I know soon if this guy I am talking to is for real before I do go insane and I hope for this 11m old sake he learns to realize his mama is not leaving him forever and he will survive! ;)

But yes Life can throw you off but, what does not kill you makes you stronger...