Thursday, April 9, 2009

I thought the Home is where the HEART is?

Well apparently I am wrong!

I got a freaking letter today from the landlady telling me otherwise and reminded me the house I am staying in and paying rent for is HER house! Let me explain:

Ok last Friday,

One of their daughters called me to asked me if I had rent ready now this threw me since I thought she was still in HS and why should she be doing their job for them so I asked her: Why was she calling instead of her parents? And her reply was because her mom asked her too then she passed the phone over to her mom. The landlady then tells me she asked her to call etc...and then again asked me if I had my rent money ready and if I would be available within that next hour I said yes.

Ok, so 4:15pm comes and the door knocks I tell Alexis to let her in and to get my purse so I can fill out the MO. (I was in the living room still). So, after I try to say hello, I ask Alexis is she inside? She goes no. I told Alexis well invite her in! I am thinking to myself why wouldn't she come in but oh well. I try to say hello again but nothing. I then give Alexis the MO to give the land lady and that was that.

Fast forward to today,
I get a letter in my mailbox with no postage stamp:
And in this letter it states how I was disrespectful to their daughter when she called and They will not tolerate that because their daughters work with them at their family business. And she also complained about "standing outside of MY OWN house for 12 minutes in the rain" And she now wants me to either mail my rent to them or drop it off at their place because she refuses to stand outside of "her" house again. [i][b]Oh she also said, "If you are not happy you are welcome to find a different house."[/b][/i] And I am not! The only problem as of May I am stuck here unless I find something better via section 8. :(

Now let me explain something to you all. Yes, I know I had it good when it came to paying rent because the landlord (the husband) always came to me because he knew I could not drive and it was easier for him to come to me. When most landlords do expect you to go to them But in this case she is punishing me for her wrong doing. I would never make anyone STAND outside in the rain. And two, I was not disrespectful to her kid and if I was...who was the elder in this case? I feel I am being the one being disrespected.

I been very upset that this woman keeps calling this place her "home" when she does not even live here and even take care of the place. Sure it is her property but that is all in my book!

When I cool down some, I am planning on talking to her husband-the landlord who I been getting along with the most part and explain to him that this letter is unfair and I was not rude or being disrespectful in anyway. And I could not help the fact, she did not come in when my daughter opened the door for her etc..I thought she was in for quite out loud! And it was no 12 minutes, it was maybe 5 minutes. Hopefully he will listen and understand, if not I do not know what I am going to do. :(