Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Girl Scout Meeting that Never Was...

Alexis been excited to go too her "3rd" meeting but technically it would be their 5th one. However, once we got there there was talk they were still waiting for 3 more kids and/or the Co-Leader and the Leader had said without the Co-Leader there, the meeting can not go on. Now, here I am thinking, if that was the case why couldn't A. the Leader call to make sure the Co-Leader could come today before the rest of us got there! or B. The Leader call everyone on the list to remind everyone about the meeting since we just had a long Easter break. As it end up, the Co-Leader did forget and could not make it, so the Leader, another Mother and myself wasted our time showing up at the school. It took me to suggest to the Leader to CALL the Co-Leader to see if she was coming or not vs. just sitting waiting any longer...she eft her cell phone at home so I offered mine to call. What also made it upsetting was the fact Alexis was excited to see her "GS friends" just to have to leave. And the other two Moms decided to have a play date at one of their houses to make up for the "no GS meeting" but discussed this in front of Alexis and myself. Granted these two Mothers probably knew each other from last years GS but I still felt "bad for Alexis' so I told Alexis to come with me and I told her I was taking her to Dairy Queen. I was planning on it anyhow after the meeting but I was also hoping to do some Grocery shopping while she was at girl scouts but instead she came with and end up being my helper again. :) But I tell you if they keep canceling because of forgetfulness or not enough quorum or sickness I am going to be very unhappy! It seems like this Troop is very disorganized already and that is very disturbing to me (not blaming it all on the leaders). Oh because we decided to have a parent bring in a snack, the one parent tonight had snacks but will just keep them for next time...But that was going to be Alexis' turn but now she will be bumped for another 4 weeks from now.