Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Her Smile Sure Did Blow Me Away Today...

Alexis had her 6 month cleaning routine for her teeth today right after school at 3:00P.M. The only problem was the fact she thought I was going to pick her up at school, (I said was but as a rule if I am not by the bus just go home on the bus). So, instead even going out to the buses she just stayed in her classroom thinking I would be getting her inside ugh. When I learned she was not on the bus, my PCA and her MIL offered to drive up and get her since it was now 2:30P.M. In the meantime, that is when I got the phone call from her school saying she was in the office waiting for me. ack! I told them to please have her go outside to meet with my PCA. They come home, we zoom off to the dentist by wheelchair. I am not sure how many blocks it is from my house but I say about 20+ blocks depending where you go and it takes about a half hour to get there by wheelchair lol. So we left the house about 2:48P.M. and arrived about 3:14P.M. Are you wondering how Alexis got there? She holds on behind my wheelchair and stands on the back of it LOL. She has been doing this as long as she could walk/stand. :) What a way to travel huh? It is funny to see and hear people responses. Some common remarks are: "Now that is one cool way to travel", or "I wish I can travel that way!" LOL.

But what also made this day hard was the fact the winds were blowing up too 45-55 MPH and the temp was between 45-50 degrees so the winds made it feel colder.

And the fact, we just made it to the to the appointment by the skin of our teeth (pardon the pun). But she did great at the appointment. The gentleman who did the cleaning of her teeth was awesome-a true jokester and had her laughing and telling her jokes to make her smile and have her keep her mouth open. ;) For example, as he clean, he will say do not bite my fingers off, or my hand, or arm off etc...And when she tried to tell him it was sour he would tease her and say well give me a second so I can help rinse lol. He even gave her a Hannah Montana sticker. Then the dentist himself came to check out her teeth. He looked at them for a couple minutes and said, "Wow what a great job, keep up the good work." and see you in the next 6 months. :)

When she was all done she smiled at me, that is when I went OOOO look at that sparkling smile! So, right now my daughter has a clean happy sparkling smile with no cavities, YAY!

And of course, we had to head back home the same 45-55 MPH winds but thank goodness it was not raining, that at least stopped and/or held off until we got back home.