Friday, April 10, 2009

A Girl's Day Out

Today my friend, Tina and Alexis & I decided to get our hair cut as well colored (well Tina & I). Then afterwords, we saw the Easter Bunny at the Mall. The only problem was it took three hours just to do our hair. And it was 7:00pm before we got done. So it it was about 7:15pm we we got to the Easter Bunny. We were all starving at this point and I was still was hoping to get some chocolates at a local chocolate/candy store up the street and the bus was on its way to the mall at 7:50pm. So we get that bus to get that store but I tell my friend and kid to just me at Wal-Mart because there was a subway there plus there was a couple things we needed there. The catch was we needed to leave there by 9:40pm. As it was the last bus back to town/home for the evening. Well needless to say because my daughter could not make up her mind on a "Easter gift/basket" she wanted from me, we missed the last bus! So that left us calling the disabled yellow cab to get us, which usually costs $10 per person to go only 4 miles away. And since this cab only can fit one wheelchair it costs us $20 total which is BS. So by the time we got home it was about 11pm or so. And one of my guy friend's had to come over to drop off some candy for Alexis. So, just say I am dead tired from my girl's day out.