Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My bathroom got a facelift today...

My landlord came today to put in new tiles on the celing since some were cracked and had some holes in them and well since I am part of the Section 8 program they do not like to any flaws at all. Plus I needed a new heat register as the other one got pretty old and beating up by my wheelchair. So, I guess when he took out the old tiles he also fixed my fan light in the bathroom as well. :) The only problem now is the light switches got switched lol. I am happy it got done, it looks better but sheesh it took him longer than I thought because he came over not knowing how many titles to get so he had to go back out to get more...

And as a rule whatever extras he has or things he needs for this house he stores either in the basement or in the attic (where it is drier) and I never really had a problem with that as long he kept his stuff away from mine or just let me know when he is coming. Well, he had extra titles so he was going to store them up in the attic like he did before but my neighbor/PCA told him she rather have her DH or one of her kids do it for him because it will be easier on him but there are other reasons why....she has animals and extra tentants up there that he may or may not know about up there. But anyhow, then her DH comes down stairs and sees the tiles in the hallway and asks "Why are these doing in OUR Hallway?!?" She explains, that the landlord wants them go in the attic but she told him that one of them would take them up there. He replies, "Hell we are that is our attic and our place we rent and I am tired of them using our place as storage". Then, kicks the titles down into the basement stairs! Now I understand his frustration, I really do because the landlord does walk into their home unannounced and just go in the attic without calling etc...but he had no right kicking or possibilily damaging someone's property. I heard from my PCA each tile does cost $5 so not sure what was left. So, now if he comes back and asks why is the tile downstairs/in the basement instead in the attic we have to say "Ask Jesse."

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and be able have my own place then I would not have to worry about crazy landlords or upstairs neighbors. :)