Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter????

Well Today was Easter and yes it was suppose to be Happy. I decided to celebrate
and have Easter at my parents vs home since Alexis now knows the "truth". So, the night before I had my mom help hid her baskets like I would normally then before I went to bed I asked her to please to wake me up for breakfast time so I can eat with everyone on Easter AM and then Alexis can do her search for her baskets etc....

Well, Alexis comes in Easter AM to say to me wake up Mommy breakfast is going to be ready soon so I say okay hunny. So, I start to get up and my Mom comes in to notify me that Alexis has been fed already because did not want to have make her wait etc...and that I can still eat with her...So I finally get down stairs but Alexis is not there, she is upstairs playing on the computer. My Mom had to almost beg her to come downstairs to have Easter with us and to actually look for her baskets! I was in shock! Especially, when my Mom just gave me grief that it was not fair I make HER wait for me to get up before she can see or look for her gifts on Christmas or on Easter. ugh.

She FINALLY comes down and admits to me she already knew where the baskets were! She said she found them earlier in the AM when she first woke up. Part of me was furious at my parents for letting her "look" without me but again I was not sure if they were in the room at the time or not...but I was not happy with their response. She was excited you can't blame her for that can you? Yes, I can when I told her the night before to wait until mommy woke up. So, at this point I was thinking why did I wake up for again? Especially to the fact as soon she got out the baskets out from the hiding spots she ran back upstairs to the computer again!

What also made me want to knock her out was the fact her grandparents got her a basket of stuff. Mainly she got a sweatshirt and my mom added her name on it and I was trying to be funny by saying, "Oh you lucky, I want one too". So instead of keeping her mouth shut, Alexis goes, "Do not worry you got one too"! That really irritated me so much, she knows better to keep stuff like that quiet. That really bummed me out it was like I could not be excited about ANYTHING that day because if my daughter.

And when I mentioned to my Mom that I kinda wish I had help keeping her off the computer, because my parents would not tell her no or would not tell her stay downstairs or anything if I were to tell Alexis to stay. It is not like I could keep going upstairs to tell her no. This is what my mom said to me: Oh you want her off the computer and just be bored to death because there is nothing else to do? I go no, she will be with me because it is Easter! I even mentioned to her that is why I am not on my laptop etc...
And that is when my Mom rubbed it in my face, now you know how it feels when you are on your laptop all the time when Alexis wants to be with you etc...I went excuse me?!? I am only on my laptop when there in nothing else to do!!!

Happy Easter eh? Just say, after this discussion we had a family drive to drop off some Easter gifts off to my Sisters and pick up my Easter candy I forgot that my Aunt made me at my Aunt's then we came back to my house. What a long weekend.

Alexis' colored eggs she dyed: