Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

That is right I volunteered to help out with Alexis' Kindergarten Field trip and they asked all those who volunteered to take their child plus one more. I just wish I did not come down with round @2 of sinus infection attack and nd up suffering during the day as well. I thankfully was able to get another round of antibotics for it as well. But anyhow, Alexis was able to be partnered up with one of her favorite buddies at school and it went well overall depite my sickness.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where have I been?

Good question!

It seems every since I got sick, things been so hectic here...I been having company or having friends coming over almost every day or night which made it hard to blog or update about my life.

Of course, I am feeling better but I am still feeling a little of the after shocks of my sinus infection. So I am not completely out of woods yet.

I will update more on separate posts as well, but I had a fanatastic Mother's Day and I discovered I have a little green thumb and her name is Alexis; My daughter.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Dandelion Gal

Alexis and her "Wishing Puffs", she was making wishes with them when she found them in grandma's yard.

I have a Green Thumb;My daughter Alexis

I discovered over the weekend that my daughter Alexis has a Green Thumb. That is right, her grandma and her planted some Morning Glories at her grandma's over the weekend and she really enjoyed it especially when she had her own tow, shovel and a flower pot her size. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Made Special

My daughter Alexis just made my Mother's Day so special the whole weekend:

First by gving me these:

Then I asked her while were shopping for my mom if I could buy me a new "mommy heart ring" as a Mother's gift from her and he said that she would be fine with but she still wanted to buy another gift for me but by herself (with help from another "friend") so she ended buying me this for me:
, a Mother and Child procelin figurine.

She truly made my weekend special for sure, not just because of te gifts but because she kept wishing me a Happy Mother's Day all weekend and telling me how much she loves me etc...but then reality sat in....Monday came. LOL

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Lovely...Sick as a Dog

What is worse than being sck as a dog in bed? Having your stupid landlord waking you up. That is exactly what happened when I wanted to stay home over the weekend. My landlord decides to barge in my home to do repairs for section 8 without giving me 24 hrs notice or at least giving me the respect of knowing that I am sick and just come back another day since these repairs were not manatory or needed tobe done until at least by May 30th. But no, I ended up having to make sure he did not mess up anything or let my 2 cats out my place. And what made things worse he came at 2:30PM and left at 3:30ish and never came back until 3 hrs or so later and did not get done for the day until almost 11pm (10:37pm). But still had to come back and finish on Sunday! He came back on Sunday around 10:30AM and left around 5:30PM.

I was not happy! Now after day two on antibotics, I am still getting rid of a lot of crap literly but not going in detail since it is tmi. And I am trying to get my voice back since I lost that too since Sunday as well. :(

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It Finally happened...Lexie lost her 1st tooth!

Alexis came home from school Wednesday all smiles but with one thing missing...A TOOTH! Her front baby tooth that is, the one we been waiting for few weeks now.
Just say, since Alexis realized she had a loose tooth she was afraid to eat, sleep or do certain activities because she was afraid it would either bleed to death or she would end up swallowing it. For awhile there it was a very dramatic thing for my 5 year little girl. But this particular day she says her tongue pushed it out as she was playing at the center stations in her classroom. She was sent to the nurses office where the nurse helped her take care of it further and she got a neat tooth necklace of it to store her baby tooth until she got home. I asked her if she bleed a lot she goes no, only a little bit. I told her I was proud of her and also told her, "I told you it won't be so bad, so you know what to expect next time huh?" Now she is freaked out she is going to loose all her teeth all at once lol, poor kid.

Oh I should mention that the tooth fairy did come and give her 4 quaters and at her surprise it also equalled to a dollar! So you can imagine I had a happy 5 yr old on my hands. ;)
She even said to me, that she heard the tooth fairy come but could not see her because she was invisible lol. ;)

Here are some pics of her toothless smile snd her baby tooth before the tooth fairy took it: