Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School is is the Sickies!

I have had the stomach flu...and then a sinus infection along with ear infections so back on antibiotics...but also poor Alexis. Last Weds we ended up in the ER because her Ear was killing her that is how we found out she had an ear infectiion and it was confirmed I did have a virus aka the stomach flu and a sore throat as well. (which then 3 days later turned into the sinus infection/ear infection grrr). So, unfortunately Alexis and I really have not had a real chance to enjoy her summer vacation yet!

I am still in disabelieve my kidergardener is no more. And is on her way being a 1st grader!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My Alexis preformed in her Spring concert last Friday at school and it was so cute!

They did all the grades and Kindergarden was the last group to go up and they sang the song, "School is coming to an end". She ended up also having to go up the microphone to say a line (about the song) but she was an understeady though she was replacing another child who was sick that day. ;)

Here are some pics and a video sample of what they sang:

And here is a video of her singing the song that they sang (I did video it but the sound came out badly so she sang it to me solo! For everyone to hear. ;) )

Well does my face hurt? You Ask

Well 2 weeks ago it sure did! On a Thurday evening May 22, 2008 I went out to find/meet with someone and well I did not want to be on our nasty sidewalks so I got off of them and wemt our road (off road/back roads) when all of the sudden I hot a pot hole and my face caught my fall. My left upper face near my left eye got it good. My glasses even got bent and scratched up. :( I will need new lens. I was able to the frames back into shape thanks to the optical place where I got them (Sears). Yes, I still got the scabs and bruises but not as bad as they were then.