Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy GOOD Friday Everyone!

Today I went to see my Mom's family and I had a good time. I had to get up early though then we traveled about two hours to see them. My Grandmother and my two Uncles live in this town together-in fact they even live on the same street LOL. But we are all grateful this Easter for several reasons:

My Grandmother is a Breast Cancer Survivor she just battled and had to undergo breast hysterectomy last year. And my one Uncle just had some heart troubles that they took cared of just last week! All he had was irregular heart beats and they fixed his electrolytes in his heart so now his heart is beating regular and will never have that problem again.

It was nice to see everyone there too because we had not seen them all winter long. And I got to see one of my baby cousins again and boy did she grow!

Here are some Pics I took that day of Alexis and me: