Monday, April 6, 2009

Gotta face it, Have to be a green thumb IF

Yep gotta be a green thumb if I am going have a 1st grader around and who wants to be a Daisy Girl's Scout.

Alexis planted 3 flowers on 3-25-09; a Daisy, Lupia, and Sunflower which all stand a different meaning or oath in the Daisy Oath/promise. Well, anyhow two out of the three are starting to sprout out now and I took a picture of them to help keep track of them. But the amazing thing is the fact we planted them on Weds the 3-25-09 and the Sunflower, sprouted already on Friday, the 3-28-09! And still is sprouting slowly.

In the meantime, Alexis' 1st grade teacher had them plant a kidney bean plant this past Friday, 4-3-09 and it is only Monday 4-6-09 and that plant has already sprouted 3" since then!

Here are the pics to help keep to track and yes I will try to update the pictures as much as I can:

The link: or you view the above slide show on my blog!