Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going back in time

I feel like I have went back in time like back in the 80s and 90s this weekend lol. I ended up buying The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning and NKOTB's first new album "The Block". Then I also got Jonas Brothers for me and for Alexis to enjoy LOL.

And the sad thing I just had a birthday and I am wondering if I am going backwards instead of forwards in time. LOL

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy September!

Hard to believe it is September already!

Alexis is back in school and I forgot to mention in the post that I been babysitting a 3 month old for 3 weeks or so now and boy it sure does feel like I do have a Part-Time child again. LOL I have him from 8-5pm M-F while his Mom works but this is only until she can get welfare to take over Daycare funds and she will replace him into another Daycare facility. I did this as favor to her since she is a friend who is also a Single Mom of two.

Before we know it, leaves are going to change colors and Fall will be here and cooler weather will arrive for good. Hard to believe.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Month of August came and went...

I can not believe how fast this month came then went....

On August 14-17th we had Celebrate Erie here so we went downtown to do some activities and such then and I went to hear the Foreigners and NoMads and Ted O' Bailey I think LOL, along with the fireworks on Sunday as the finale. Then on the 22nd my parents took me the Casino here for my birthday while Alexis got to spend the night with her God Mommy. We did not win any money we only won our money back that we spent. LOL

Aug 23rd- Was one of my Aunt's 80th surprise birthday party so that was fun because we got to see family we had not seen in a long long time!

August 24th was my 34th birthday and I finally was able to get my laptop thanks to my rent rebate money and some other money I been saving up for this occasion....Happy Birthday to me! :)
We also go to my Aunt's to have a family get together again and have Chop Suety-Yummy!

August 25th~ 1st day of school for Alexis as a 1st grader and she gets her Kindergarten teacher again which made all of us happy. So far she is doing great is school and is now reading "I can read" books to me. I am so proud of her!

August 30th~ A good guy friend of mine takes me and Alexis to a German Festival with lots of German foods and music and farm animals to be petted and feed. Also, some bouncy inflation castles for kids to bounce in too. Alexis had a blast.

We sure did have a busy and a fun August!