Saturday, January 24, 2009

NKOTB is coming to Erie!!!

My heart is broken....the tickets just went on sale today at 10AM for the show for March 22 and I just called about them around 2pm. Well just say all the floor seats are already sold out! In fact they were within 10 minutes of the sale! And well, since I need to take my electric wheelchair with me that only leaves the disabled platform section they have on the top area. Which is on the side of the arena by where the normally keep the speakers too. So, yes we will be able to hear them just fine but seeing them may be an issue. :( (I been to other events and concerts before and was not that pleased about the view). Also, it is on a Sunday at 7pm, a school night and a work night, so not sure if it would be fair for my parents to watch Alexis until I get back AND public transits stop working at 6pm on Sundays so I have no idea how I get home unless I take a disabled cab home as well (which we only have one available if working). ACK!

So I do not know what to do?!?!


Nyoka said...

aww :( that sucks!

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