Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Alexis learns more about where babies come from...

A funny story that I thought I share with you and also be able keep for memoriies:

We were watching Narnia and WELL a woman was giving birth to a baby with her legs spread a part (but could not see nothing else) but Alexis pretty much said she is not having her baby like you mommy in a puzzled voice (I had a c-section so she was told I had her through my tummy lol). I went, not thinking, "no hunny she is having hers between her legs..." and her response was PRICELESS "ewwww like she is pooping out the baby?!? I go yep laughing! And she goes, I hope I don't have a baby like that, I want one like you did mommy!

Gawd I love her. I told her This is something you don't really talk about in school, she goes, no way eeew. lol