Friday, January 16, 2009

Alexis and theTruth about the Tooth Fairy...

Alexis came home with yet another tooth necklace around her neck. LOL Which would be tooth #5 gone. And it still looks like she has 2 teeth missing (well now 3).

Her first 2 teeth came in fast(her bottom). I believe but her 2 top front teeth are taking forever to grow in-she lost those teeth like in September. I can't remember how long teeth take to grow in as a rule....

But anyways the truth came out today....

I guess I can't help it that I have a smart girl on my hands.

Here is our story:
Me to Alexis: Well did the Tooth fairy come?
Alexis: Oh I forgot to look!
She goes to look lol
She comes back and says...
Alexis: Yeah she came...gave me a $1 but forgot my tooth
Me: She did? (in a puzzled voice) (because I knew "I" knew I grabbed a tooth lol)
Alexis: Yep maybe she dropped it back in my pillow (she has a tooth pillow)
Me: Maybe she did drop it
Alexis: That is what I said...HEY are YOU the one who been giving me the money and taking my teeth?
Me: cant remember what i said
Alexis: Oh well she well get it tonight

At this point I tried to come with excuses but I realized she was looking right into my eyes at this point and I just could not "lie" to her no more
so I told her she was to smart for me and explained to her that yes I been the "one" and she started to cry and say you mean there is no tooth fairy at all? That is when I told her I would not want her to ever stop "believing" and then she asked me why I lied to her like that in the first place? I told her it was not necessarily a lie but more of a tradition a parent passes on...and explained to her I believed in the tooth did her grandma etc...she felt better after that. And I told she will hopefully pass this tradition on to her kids and for now she said "no I won't" LOL. But one good thing she is happy about is the fact she will still get money when she looses a tooth even though she feels bad it is my money (she asked but can you afford it mommy? :(-gotta love her)

Oh as for the mystery tooth: we think her tooth fell a part or something because I did grab it or part of it at least