Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Alexis made me laugh Yesterday...even though she thought it was NOT funny! LOL

Yesterday we were making some sugar cookies and well my PCA also allowed us to borrow her toaster oven to bake them...we also tried out her Easy-Bake Oven for two cookies but anyhow Kym (the PCA) and Alexis were sharing a chair while waiting for the cookies to bake...
Kym at one point decided to move the chair over to sit down in it and all of the sudden we heard a big boom-plop! lmao
Alexis went to sit down on the chair too and/or on her lap but did not realize she moved lol She started to cry because was scared, because it was such a shock. I started to lmao my butt off because the face she gave was priceless and it did NOT help the fact Kym was laughing as hard as I was....but the harder we lmao though the harder Alexis started to scream and cry...she got angry we were laughing at her suspense and/or her getting hurt but we knew she was just fine. ;) lol We tried to explain to her that it happens to everyone, missing the seat somehow or another lol She is somewhat getting over it now.