Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alexis and I learn how to make Maple syrup...

My mom and I took Alexis too our local nature center called Asbury Woods because they were having a weekend Maple Festival where they were having Pancakes with local maple syrup and tours on how they get maple syrup made here locally and the history of etc...

Well Alexis and my parents went to this festival last year but for some reason I could not go so this year I wanted to go.

And I did not have a chance take many pics but here are a couple:

Alexis making a Robin :):

Alexis got her face painted and got a bunny on it:

Alexis "drilling" a hole on a test tree for some sap...

And here is Alexis at the Sugar building watching how the Maple syrup is being made:

And Alexis in front of a bunny rabbit and the Nature Center Display at Asbury Woods:

Everything or most what we learned at the Maple Fest:
A tour of how Maple Syrup is made
How to make Maple Syrup
Some Facts about Maple Syrup
Some more Maple Syrup Facts


Anonymous said...

That is really really cool! Does PA make a lot of Syrup

mamawithtude said...

Yes PA among other Eastern States as well Canada is known for homemade Maple syrups...It just takes a lot of work and it is a major process to do it. However, it is possible for a homeowner with a proper maple tree to make their own maple syrup too! So if I ever owned a property with maple trees I can make my own maple syrup if I have enough patience to do it LOL.

Rachat de credit said...

Thank you so much it was a great support, now to make maple syrup... is simple and easy utilizing your advice. Thanks