Monday, March 23, 2009

My NKOTB Experience 3-22-09

I went to my first NKOTB concert on Sunday with my BFF and it was awesome! I just wish we did have better seats. We had seats in the back of the arena. And what made it worse is the fact the New Kids did go on the floor with the fans and sing and we could not go down there to see them. :(

Donnie got a hat from a boy which was cool and he wore it part of the concert but was even awesome was the fact he gave that same kid one of his hats once they returned to the stage! ;)

I am so glad I got my new camera now because it took great pics and it zoomed perfectly compared to my other. The concert was from 7pm but it never ended until around 10:30pm! They had Jabawakeez as their opening act as well.