Thursday, March 19, 2009

So not fair...

All winter long my Alexis been fighting off sickness and been so healthy until recently :( last week I had her stay home due having a bad cough and having a sore throat, and having a stuffy nose. All signs of a common cold but she looked and sounded miserable so I did not have her go to school. She missed school for the first time for the whole school year. :( But anyhow, she got better and went to school the next day and been "fine" every since. Until last night that is, at 12:52AM she woke up out of bed and ran to the bathroom thinking she had to throw up but did not. She started to talk to me and said I really think I do, I told her go back in the bathroom hunny. All of sudden it came out, my baby did throw up. I was praying maybe it was just the food we had that night (we went to Dairy Queen). But she also had a 100.3 temp. :( After talking to her and comforting her she went back to bed...I decided to stay up just in case this happened again...sure enough about an hour later she jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet again :(. Not so bad this time and her temp was a bit down but still evaluated. But when she came back to bed she just could not get back to sleep she was so thirsty and hot. So by the time we both got settled for the night was about 5AM and we had to get up by 7AM for school..
When the alarm went off she seemed fine she still had a slight temp 98.9 and plus she had not eating anything so I decided I better just keep her home to make sure everything stays fine and foiod stays down and her temp does not get any worse. :(

Well thank goodness she has been able to keep everything down, only issue is she still has a temp. It averages around 99.9 so hopefully with some Tylenol it will knock that out. :(

She also ended up taking a 2 hour nap today so you know she is fighting something. :(

I hope she can go to school tomorrow though.