Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Week of Stress!

Monday: Start of the Stress Week, and waiting for long week ahead..Also found out that my gas will be terminated on Friday! So I was told to call an agency to help me pay my bill ASAP..they offered! They told me to meet with them Thursday at 10AM the day before the shut off day-talk about stressful.

Tuesday: Had the Section 8 orientation and found out what is expected of me and what needs to be done to my rental in order for it to pass section 8. And I start to panic since my landlord does have a lot to do and the deadline is May 6th. Also my parents had a big arguement about this hearing I have to go to about my ex-PCA gettin unemployment-they think I told them I did not want her get it and I just don't want her to have it because of our no it is because she QUIT and had bad work ethics and is saying I had her do things that was not required of that is not true either. So, I am the bad person now in my parents eyes.

Wednesday: I find out more information about the hearing I have to go to from my ex-PCA - she tells me she thought I fired her because of her daughter for not waking up so that is why she no...I told her...her was job was was on the line...BIG DIFFERENCE!

Thursday: I totally forgot to go to an appointment to make arrangements to pay my gas bill to prevent it from getting shut off! But thank goodness I can go tomorrow and the gas company gave me an extension until next week!

Friday: 9am: Appointment about my gas and TGIF is all I say right now!