Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Talk about the Worst Walk/Ride Ever

Ok long story short...I found out today my wheelchair battery is going bad and need a new one but I figured going around the block won't be a bad thing to do so Alexis and I decided to walk/ride around our block, well just say we never made it all the around it before I got stuck in "pot hole" in the sidewalk and a good Samaritan came by and pulled me out of it and I turned myself around to head back home because my battery detector went from one bar gone too all bars gone except for one! In matters of seconds. Alexis was not happy and was being difficult (she was also walking her dolly in a stroller). I felt bad that I had to cut our walk short but still, my main concern was, am I going make it back to the house okay? And worse, up my stupid driveway, I have problems going up it as it is with the peebles/stones in it with full charged battery but with one bar to no power-good grief!

Well sure enough we get to my driveway and I get stuck in my stones and Alexis tried but NOTHING. So my only hope now is asking foe help from my wonderful neighbors from upstairs (who once told me if I ever need anything or get stuck call them-they will be glad to help!) So, I call them, hoping someone, anyone would be home, and sure enough, the husband does answer the phone (sigh of relief) so I let him know I am stuck in the driveway because my battery in my w/c is giving me problems and if there was anyone up there who could help me out....and this was his response....

"WELL NONE OF THE KIDS ARE HOME RIGHT NOW" I was in my response was..."So does this mean, I have to call my Mother and have her drive all the way here and get unstuck?" And his response back was "Yeah I guess so" And MY response to that was "WELL THANKS!" and I hung up on him!

I could not believe he had the nerve to just let me and Alexis stay out there like that and freeze! It was 35 degress out there and no I did not call my mom I ended up using my feet and going backwards in my wheelchair all the up the driveway into my house PISSED OFF!

And don't worry I am telling the landlord about the troubles im having with the driveway and how his tentants were going to let me stay out and freeze to death! And not give a damn.