Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking News: We Got A Loose Tooth!

You Read that right, we got a loose tooth in the house LOL. Only problem, the mouth the tooth is currently in is freaking out! The owner of the tooth is afraid that she'll bleed to death or will swallow her tooth in her sleep and/or will swallow her tooth while eating. Her poor mother is trying to consult her by telling her she won't swallow her tooth in her sleep because her tooth "just won't fall out" and a little blood won't hurt her. But oh my, you would the think it is end of the world! Loosing a tooth for the first time should be an exciting and a memorable moment in a child's and a parent's life not a nightmare lol. She is getting better on the third day of the loosey Toothy but she insisted on packing her lunch because it will be easier on her poor tooth. She been praying to Jesus/God to not let her tooth hurt and bleed and not fall out in her sleep so she won't have to worry about swallowing it and thanks to God he has been answering her prayers. ;) But I tell ya, once this tooth finally does come out it will be much less of a stressful place here lol.