Sunday, October 12, 2008

Poem of the day: 10/12/08

Please tell me what you will gain

Tell me what you will gain
From my pain?
You may think it a main
goal to see me in pain
That is so lame
What are you gonna gain?
It is not gonna be fame
So why give me the pain
Please tell me what you will gain

By: Dorine on October 12, 2008

Reason for this poem is the fact I am tired of people acting like I do not have feelings or think because I am in a wheelchair I do not have a head on my shoulders. I am just tired of being "robbed" in so many ways and just want to be respected, is that hard? If I want to get on a bus do not tell me it is too full and I have wait until the next one and please do not tell me off or get pissy with me if you have to get off your lazy A$$ to move to the back of the bus to make more room for little ole me. :P