Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Blast of Weekend!!! Plus my Baby is truly Growing up!

Well it is official, My baby is growing up!!!!

On Friday July 18th, Alexis got her ears pierced! My PCA/friend Kym and I took her to get her ears pierced at Claire's (we tried Wal-Mart on Thursday but they had no gloves to do it yeah). She only cried for a few seconds when they first did it (They put both earrings in at the same time). Then afterwords we went our friends' to go swimming in their pool and Alexis did great in the water! She even put her face in the water and so forth, she was proving to me she was growing up!

Then Saturday the 19th, was her birthday party, I was feeling bad because only one of her friends could show up. But my Mom and decided to try calling the family over but we did this at the last minute and Mom called everyone like that Thursday night and left messages so no one had returned her calls so we had no idea who would be coming or not. Just say everyone she called came! I was as surprised as Alexis was. And her birthday party turned out pretty nice depite only having one friend there. :) She got really nice gifts too.

Oon Sunday the 20th was a day of water fun, she just loved having fun with her Wet Slip N' Slide and her pool and her Sprinkler/punching bag.

Us at our friends' pool

Alexis' birthday party:

Alexis having some water fun!!!