Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Had a surprise coming home after the 4th weekend...

We were robbed! Well, when we first drove up the driveway the back door was slightly ajared and while I was in shock I was not surprised because we had problems keeping that door closed toight for a week or two BUT the thing was my Mom double checked it and made sure it was locked tight before we left Thursday night! But she did go and check things out and did not notice anything out of place or missing EXCEPT our one cat- Angel Prince! At that time we did hear him meowing and coming to us. Thank goodness he was not far from us and came back "home". The question was how long was he out and how long was the door open? Well, according to my PCA/upstairs neighbor when they came home that afternoon (they been at camp for the rest of the time)- my door was closed when they came home Sunday afternoon so apparently my door came open after 5pm-11pm. BUT when I got myself ready for bed and after my Mom left I realized my one bank was open and messed up and all my stuff in it was gone! Then something told me to look in my jewelry boxes and that is when some of my jewelry was also missing! I ended up calling the police about it the next day and then also discovered whoever took my stuff must had taken my backpack to take "my loot" because my backpack was gone as well! And yes I do have my suspiousions of who it may be. And I am sad that this happened because it is childlish and wrong!