Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Lovely...Sick as a Dog

What is worse than being sck as a dog in bed? Having your stupid landlord waking you up. That is exactly what happened when I wanted to stay home over the weekend. My landlord decides to barge in my home to do repairs for section 8 without giving me 24 hrs notice or at least giving me the respect of knowing that I am sick and just come back another day since these repairs were not manatory or needed tobe done until at least by May 30th. But no, I ended up having to make sure he did not mess up anything or let my 2 cats out my place. And what made things worse he came at 2:30PM and left at 3:30ish and never came back until 3 hrs or so later and did not get done for the day until almost 11pm (10:37pm). But still had to come back and finish on Sunday! He came back on Sunday around 10:30AM and left around 5:30PM.

I was not happy! Now after day two on antibotics, I am still getting rid of a lot of crap literly but not going in detail since it is tmi. And I am trying to get my voice back since I lost that too since Sunday as well. :(