Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost had a death in the family...

And it was me wanting to kill our one cat...Angel Prince...Why?

My Mom and I were in the other room getting ready to go my parents on Friday when all of the sudden we heard a boom and a scream: It was Alexis screaming, so My Mom ran out to the living room first, me to follow; we saw Alexis in my chair fine but she was pointing to the floor and we saw our Beta Fish on the floor with the water poured out! We then comprehended that the Angel Brat must have knocked off the fish aquarium off the entertainment center so my Mom immediately grabbed the aquarium and took it to the kitchen and we both realized we needed stilled water so I told her about our spring water bottles that we had on the floor under the kitchen table. She poured that water in the aquarium as fast as she could and all we could do then was wait and see to make sure the shock would not kill Ella the Beta fish. But she seemed fine thank goodness. Before we left we rearranged how she was on the entertainment center and made sure there was no room for a cat to get up there this time!

But once we had that all settled (even before so) I even put Angel Prince's nose up to it and said no and spanked his butt again. But I tell ya, even Alexis was mad at him that day and I was not joking I was ready to throw him in the snow that day (but of course have him run back in like a wimp ). I think that was the first time he saw me that mad at him. And hopefully the last.