Thursday, March 20, 2008

I been slacking again :(

I been not updating you all on my life and I apologize...I guess nothing really huge has been going on other than my Personal care attentant quit on me on Valentine's day due to the fact she was tired of me accusing of her kids doing bad things and I later find out she was just burned out and needed "a vacation" lol. Her job was just to some minor housework and the the rest of the time she sat on her butt watching tv and talked BS with me...some hard job huh? Oh well, the day after President's Day I got myself another "PCA" and I tell you she is totally the opposite of my other...she can't sit still and is soooo organized it even makes ME sick LOL. She tires me out, I swear. She does have her quirks too but that is for another post. Also, since January I have not been getting no Child support thanks to my ex...he lost his job at the end of December of last year. He had informed me though he did get another job in mid January and it should only take 5 weeks before I should see another check but I have not yet! I have notified Domestic Relations about this and they said they are on it so who knows? But on a happier note Welfare is on my side and I am temporarily on cash assistance for Alexis and in the middle of getting Section 8. Plus my utility bills have reduced my bills because of my income change.

Despite all this Alexis and I are doing great!